Our Services.

Pioneer Lender Trustee Services provides extensive foreclosure services for local, regional and national mortgage lenders in the State of Idaho.We provide the following foreclosure services:

  1. Non-Judicial Foreclosures
  2. Judicial Foreclosure Analysis and Coordination
  3. Coordination of Foreclosure-related Bankruptcy Matters
  4. Deed-in-Lieu Foreclosure Analysis and Processing
  5. Coordination of Post-Foreclosure Evictions/ Unlawful Detainer Actions
  6. Centralized Statewide Reconveyance Services with 24 hour turnaround
  7. Post-Foreclosure Title Packages
  8. Coordination of Real Estate Owned (REO) Services
  9. Coordination of Deficiency Actions
  10. Complete Document Preparation

    Furthermore, we handle all types of defaults, including:
    1. Multiple Deeds
    2. Mixed Collateral Notes
    3. Land Sales Contracts
    4. Fractionalized Notes
    5. Homeowner’s Association Assessments
    6. Due on Sale Contracts

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